Audfly Technology
Company Profile
Company Profile
Audly Technology is the leading enterprise of acoustic innovative technology in China. It’s a global leader in audio solutions and one of the foremost experts in directed audio technology all over the world.

Audfly Technology has been concentrating directional sound products and solutions for different industries around the world since 2015. Audlfy utilize a revolutionary audio technology to create sound in a narrow beam and direct sound to the desired listening area in a highly directional way just like the flashlight, providing an effective way to deliver sound to a specific area and creates an independent audio zone with immersive, noisy-free and 3D-like audio experience.

Customized directional sound products and modules accord to your special requirements on size, shape, color, acoustic specifications, etc. is also available in Audfly. Join us to seamlessly deliver sound exactly where you want it!
Core Advantages
Patent technology, global invention
8-year accumulation of audio technology and algorithm
Technical engineer team with 86 members
258 (including overseas) registered patents
Development History
Honors and Qualifications
Audfly Focusound
Audfly Technology is headquartered in Suzhou, China,
The company is the inventor and global patent owner of Focusound Screen.
Leverage and experience private audio like never before with Audfly!
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