Audfly Technology
Directional Sound Module & Tablet PC

Directional sound module can be integrated with Tablet PC, learning laptops and all-in-one machines for conference, achieving the effect of directional sound and improving the application value and innovation of the products. It can cover mainstream products and perfectly integrate acoustics with display. Both with privacy and comfort, it can be widely used in entertainment, education, business office, Smart Display and other fields.
Technology Highlights
Available size
Product Name Directional Sound Module
Directivity 15°+3° 4kHz @1m -20dB
Frequency Range 400Hz-20KHz Input 1Vrms 1/3oct(-10dB)
Maximum SPL(audible sound) 70+3dB@1m 1KHZ Input 1Vrms @ 1kHz
Enhance Speech Intelligibility

The speech intelligibility enhancement technology unique to Focusound Screen can greatly improve the intelligibility of delivering sound, transmit information to the target listeners more clearly, and improve the listening experience and efficiency.
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