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360° Spatial Experience

Focusound™ creates a sound zone where you are fuly surrounded by the sound beam, creating a 360° immersive spatial experience. Besides staying alone, you can also invite others into your personal space for entertainment.

Turn On Audio to Hear the Real Sound Effect !

Create an Audio Space Without Disturbing Others

Want to enjoy an immersive audio experience without wearing earphones? By creating a narrow beam of directional sound, Focusound glass speaker bathes you in sound that can only be heard by you. Now, you can have your own audio space without disturbing others around you, even in the same room.

Product Detail Presentation

After three generations of evolution, the Focusound speaker design has been perfected using a special see-thru glass screenas the sound-generating unit. This cutting-edge glass panel is the source of the sound and creates the directional audiosoundscape just for you.

The Screen is the Speaker—Your Perfect Home Decor

Emitting sound without any noticeable speakers as the screen itself is the speaker, Focusound™ is perfect to be your homedecor. Either having one stand-alone speaker or two speakers together, Focusound™ speaker meets different needs of yoursfrom watching TV, listening to music, working, playing video games, and so much more.

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