Audfly Technology
Directional Sound Module & Commercial Display

Directional sound module can be integrated with the commercial display screen to achieve targeted delivery of commercial display advertising zoning, thus integrating sound and image of originally soundless advertising player and commercial display screen, and promoting a 3D-like and high efficient advertising display and information interaction. It can be optional to Focusound Screen technology and Focusound Directional Speaker product, and offers a variety of integrated combinations.
Technology Highlights
Available size
We can customize the directional sound module according to your product size requirements.
Product Name Directional Sound Module
Directivity 15°+3° 4kHz @1m -20dB
Frequency Range 400Hz-20KHz Input 1Vrms 1/3oct(-10dB)
Maximum SPL(audible sound) 70+3dB@1m 1KHZ Input 1Vrms @ 1kHz
Commercial Flow Booster

It can achieve directional screen sound without causing additional stress to the surrounding environment, thus promoting the organic integration of image and sound, innovating the way of boosting commercial flow and pushing advertising interaction and cash flow.
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