Audfly Technology
Directional Sound Module & Monitor

When the screen of a monitor is integrated with directional sound module, the screen is endowed with directional sound emitting skill and spatial sound effects. In gaming situation, it proves with more immersive listening experience and unique feeling of space of the gaming scene.

Solutions are ready for monitors with different sizes, proportions, and resolutions.
Technology Highlights
Available size
Product Name Directional Sound Module
Directivity 15°+3° 4kHz @1m -20dB
Frequency Range 400Hz-20KHz Input 1Vrms 1/3oct(-10dB)
Maximum SPL(audible sound) 70+3dB@1m 1KHZ Input 1Vrms @ 1kHz
360° Spatial Sound Effect

With the directional sound technology, the monitor is creating a private sound zone where the target listener is fully surrounded by the sound beam, and 360° immersive spatial experience just like invisible headphones is also delivered due to the cutting-edge technology and brand-new algorithm, making your sound zone comfortable , immersive and private.
  • Higher work efficiency
  • More immersive entertainment
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