Audfly Technology
Focusound Screen Technology
Introduction of Focusound Screen Technology

Focusound Screen is the 3rd generation of directional sound technology independently researched and developed by Audfly , which uses fully transparent film as the sound generating unit. The unique film is processed by several display semiconductor procedures and mounted able to the screen of the display, making the screen itself becomes a directional speaker. Utilizing the Focusound Screen technology, a notebook, monitor, TV, or even the dashboard in your car could direct a beam of audio and create private audio soundscape without using normal speakers.
Technology Highlights

Focusound Screen is designed with a unique system and process to achieve directional sound effect of the screen. Focusound Screen technology is achieved with the following 4 factors:
Core Algorithm
Dynamic speech compression
Low-noise SSB demodulation
Dynamic power adjustment
Speech intelligibility enhancement
Real-time and dynamic adjustment of the speech contents. Whether the speech signal is too strong or too weak, it can make the sound softer and the sound volume moderate.
Appropriately adjust the ratio of high, medium and low frequency for promoting the listening sense more comfortable
The self-developed low-noise demodulation algorithm is adopted to make less audible sound distortion and lower noise of parametric array conversion.
Adjust power consumption in real time according to the environment and audio input, saving power and extending product’s service life
By the acoustic characteristics of Focusound Screen, the speech signal is further processed with the algorithm to compensate for hearing impairment, which can significantly improve the speech intelligibility of hearing-impaired people.
Technology Effect
  • Transparent film is the sound source
    Direct a beam of audio through the see-through glass/film and creates independent audio zones in public space
  • 360° Spatial sound
    Offering immersive listening experience and unique feeling of space
  • High speech intelligibility and clarity
    Beneficial for the hard-of hearing listeners by improving their listening experience
Technology Features
  • Totally transparent membrane material
  • Multi-layer composite structure
  • Millions-level vibration unit
  • Micron-level vibration amplitude, no sense of vibration from the screen
Directional Sound Process of Focusound Screen
  • The transparent Focusound Screen emits the ultrasonic wave wherein the audio signal is modulated
  • The ultrasonic wave with modulated signal is self-demodulated when transmitted in the air, thus restoring the audible sound
  • The restored audible sound forms a virtual sound source with accumulation effect along the transmission path, thus generating a high directed sound beam
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