Audfly Technology
Directional Sound Module & TV

When a TV is integrating with directional sound module, the screen of the TV itself becomes the sound source. It creates an independent audio zone in your living room and frees you from worrying about disturbing your family members when you are watching TV or football games at late night. Besides, it’s also beneficial for the hard-of hearing listeners in the living room audio applications.

Directed audio is an entirely new type of technology with demonstrated hearing and clarity benefits for hard-of hearing listeners.
Technology Features
Available size
Product Name Directional Sound Module
Directivity 15°+3° 4kHz @1m -20dB
Frequency Range 400Hz-20KHz Input 1Vrms 1/3oct(-10dB)
Maximum SPL(audible sound) 70+3dB@1m 1KHZ Input 1Vrms @ 1kHz
Passionate Shocking Spatial Sound Effect

Unlike traditional TV speakers, Focusound Screen not only creates an immersive audio-visual feast, but also uses a new type of listening aid technology to improve the listening intelligibility of people with hearing impairment, and enhance the listening experience of watching TV.
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