Audfly Technology
Directional Sound Module & NB

Audfly integrates the 3rd generation of directional sound technology--- Focusound Screen with notebook (NB), making the screen of NB itself to deliver directional sound and creating independent audio zones for users anytime and anywhere. Whenever you are on the high-speed train or at the open office space, alternatively, whenever you are busy with a long conference call or addicted to binge-watching at evening, you can enjoy the audio zone alone and get the high privacy and comforts without a headset.

Directional sound module can be integrated with and applied to the mainstream NB screen, achieving no vibration of the screen itself, and promoting excellent acoustic and optical performance. It can be applied to the computers of different sizes (13-18) and screen proportions.
Technology Highlights
Available size
Product Name Directional Sound Module
Directivity 15°+3° 4kHz @1m -20dB
Frequency Range 400Hz-20KHz Input 1Vrms 1/3oct(-10dB)
Maximum SPL(audible sound) 70+3dB@1m 1KHZ Input 1Vrms @ 1kHz
Innovative Scenario Application

After integrating the module , the screen of notebook will be able to deliver directional audio soundscape and create private audio space for the target listener without disturbing others. Whenever at public office, conference hall, living room or coffee shop, enjoy your independent audio zone your notebook creates just for you.
  • Office
  • Conference hall
  • Living room
  • Coffee shop
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