Audfly Technology
Focusound® Technology
Focusound® Technology is an innovative and revolutionary sound focusing technology, which delivers sound in a highly directed way. Similar to how a spotlight directs a beam of light, Focusound® directs a beam of audio exactly to targeted listeners and areas.

Focusound® frees you from headphones while still provides with incredible 360-degree spatial sound, creating an immersive private audio space without disturbing others.
Delivery sound in a highly directive way
Create independent audio zones
Spatial sound effect
Build an immersive sense of presence
High audio intelligibility
Remarkable listening aid effect
Global invention
Independent research and development
Core Advantages
Patent technology, global invention
8-year accumulation of audio technology and algorithm
Technical engineer team with 86 members
258 (including overseas) registered patents
Product forms
The product forms of Audfly's directional sound technology including separate module and independent product. The modules can be integrated with Notebook, monitor, TV, tablet PC, advertising machine and self-service terminal etc. The independent product are different types of directional speakers which are providing comprehensive sound focusing solutions for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade shows and galleries, and even at home and at work.
Company Business
Modular solutions for directional sound
Personal Business
Different types of directional speakers
Application scenarios
Company Profile
As the leading enterprise of acoustic innovative technology in China, Audfly Technology has been concentrating in directional sound technology since its founding in early 2015. After all these years' concentrating, Audfly is now the global leader in audio solutions and one of the foremost experts in directional sound technology all over the world.

With the patented directional sound technology, Audlfy provides comprehensive directional sound solutions for all applications whenever private audio experience is needed.
Press Center
Audfly's screen directional sound technology appears at SID2024
Audfly's screen directional sound technology appears at SID2024
Audfly's latest generation of directional sound technology was also present at the Visionox booth at the exhibition - under-screen directional sound technology based on AMOLED.
Focusound attracts much attention at CES 2024!
Focusound attracts much attention at CES 2024!
CES is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics technology exhibition, symbolizing the intersection of the latest trends in the industry and high technology.
One day left until CES 2024, and Audfly is excited to meet you!
One day left until CES 2024, and Audfly is excited to meet you!
The 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to unfold grandly at the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 9th to January 12th.
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