Audfly Technology
Directional Sound Technology
Target Sound To Exactly Where You Need It.
Technology Introduction
Focusound® Directed Audio Technology
Target Sound To Exactly Where You Need It
Using new revolutionary audio technology to create highly-directional sound just like spotlight

Focusound® Technology is an innovative and revolutionary sound focusing technology, which delivers sound in a highly directed way. With Focusound® technology, you will be able to direct a beam of sound to the targeted listeners in the targeted spot where exactly you need the sound to be.

Focusound® is one of the biggest breakthroughs in audio technology in recent years. It utilize a brand-new way to deliver sound. Unlike the normal sound which generally propagates omni-directionally, Focusound® deliver sound along a fixed direction in an extremely narrow beam, the sound could be precisely controlled and targeted to your desired listening area. Similar to how a spotlight directs a beam of light, Focusound® directs a beam of audio exactly to targeted listeners and areas.

Technology Principle

Based on the principle of parametric array, directional sound technology takes ultrasonic wave as the carrier signal and generates high directed audible sound through the nonlinear effect thereof, so as to realize the spatial distribution control of sound wave transmission in the air and the position control of sound source.
Applications Of Directional Sound Technology
Museum and exhibition hall
Shopping mall and supermarket
Outdoor use
At home
Iterations of directional sound technology

As the global leader and foremost expert in directional sound technology all over the world, Audfly has led the three iterations of directional sound technology.
Piezo material
Focusound Directional Speaker
PVDF material
Membrane product
Focusound Screen® Material
Focusound Screen
Technical leads of Audfly in Directional sound
  • 01
    Audlfy is the earliest and largest company dedicated in directional sound technology
    The first company in China that engaged in directional sound technology, also the first one to achieve its commercial use.
  • 02
    Audfly offers comprehensive product portfolio and customization available

    Customization and variety of products enable Audfly to meet the diverse needs of customers in different fields.
  • 03
    Audfly has multiple technical routes

    Audfly has led the directional sound technology to the 3rd generation. Continuous technical iteration keeps Audfly maintain progressiveness and leadership in the area.
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