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Audfly Technology is showing at DIC 2021 in Shanghai with the latest directional sound invention
Jul. 20, 2022

  On July 30th, the largest and highest standard benchmarking business forum, the world's leading professional event for display industry’ reunion, also the first platform for black technologies and innovative products for global display,  the China (Shanghai) Display Industry Summit Forum (DIC Forum) and the China (Shanghai) Display Industry Technology and Application Innovation Exhibition (DIC EXPO) is taking place in Shanghai.  Audfly is showing at the expo with its latest directional sound prototype—Focusound screen together with a partner Tianma Microelectronics.

  Focusound Screen is the 3rd generation of directional sound technology independently researched and developed by Audfly , which uses fully transparent film as the sound generating unit. The unique film is processed by several display semiconductor procedures and mounted able to the screen of the display, making the screen itself becomes a directional speaker. Utilizing the Focusound Screen technology, a notebook, monitor, TV, or even the dashboard in your car could direct a beam of audio and create private audio soundscape without using normal speakers.

  Tianma specializes in providing display solutions and associated support services worldwide, established in 1983 and publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ. 000050) back in 1995. From 2020, Tianma holds the largest share of the Automotive factory-installed display market based on shipments worldwide.

  This innovative design eliminates the need for headphones for a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. This desktop directional speaker provides a personal audio space for high-fidelity music that won’t disturb others, even in the same area.
Leverage and experience private audio like never before with Audfly!
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