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Heated!Focusound™ launches on Kickstarter countdown
Apr. 27, 2023
The Focusound™ crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is now in its final countdown and will officially end on May 7th. During the crowdfunding period, Focusound™ has garnered significant attention from all corners of the world.

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Why has Focusound™ gained attention from everyone? Because,  Focusound™ is the first-of-its kind glass directional speaker that projects directional stereo sound to target area ONLY without disturbing others. It provides users with isolated and private sound experience. It will free you from headphones while still enjoy incredible spatial sound. Whether relaxing at home, playing games, having a video conference in busy office, or watching football game at night, no need to worry about being too loud and disturbing others, even in the same room.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has entered the final countdown of 10 days, for more information about Kickstarter campaign:

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