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Audfly's Focusound car independent sound zone system creates a new car audio experience!
Dec. 20, 2023

With the continuous development, progress, and maturation of smart systems, users' expectations for in-car audio are on the rise.Traditional car audio solutions struggle to meet the diverse listening needs of users, especially in terms of intelligence, personalization, and scene-based listening.Traditional in-car speakers no longer suffice for the zone playback functions demanded by users. Even with the current popularity of headrest speakers, the persistent issue of sound leakage continues, significantly impacting the user's listening experience. In the era of the Internet of Vehicles, we need to redefine the attributes of traditional speakers.

Focusound car independent sound zone system

01/ Traditional car audio systems face new challenges

The sound from traditional car speakers disperses in all directions, making it challenging to accurately direct the sound to a specific area or the passengers in a particular seat. For instance, when the driver needs to hear navigation instructions while other passengers are trying to rest, the navigation voice may easily create unnecessary disturbance for those resting. Similarly, if the driver's navigation voice and passengers' conference calls occur simultaneously in a car, it can lead to mutual interference, compromising the overall listening experience and privacy. Moreover, during family trips when children are engaged in games or watching entertainment videos in the car, the sound from their activities can pose a distraction to the driver, presenting a significant safety hazard.

02/ Focusound car independent sound zone system creates a new car audio experience

The Focusound in-car independent sound zone system, exclusively developed by Audfly, establishes an independent and non-interfering audio space for each passenger and driver in the car, offering a more diverse and private travel experience.

Family Car Scene

During family trips, dad takes the wheel while listening to the navigation voice, mom relaxes with closed eyes in the passenger seat, and the children enjoy exciting anime in the back seat. With independent sound zones, each person enjoys a unique listening experience, contributing to a safe and harmonious family journey.

Business Car Scene

When going out for business, everyone should have a private listening space. The driver focuses on navigation information, colleagues in the co-driver are participating in video conferences, and colleagues in the back seat are answering important calls from partners. The sound zones are independent, giving everyone an exclusive listening experience.

Leisure Car Scene

During a self-driving trip with friends, some may prefer to quietly close their eyes while others crave energetic music for a lively atmosphere. The independent sound zone offers each person a unique listening experience.

Global Original Screen Directional Vocalization

In the future, Audfly will persist in exploring additional possibilities and offering comprehensive solutions to consumer electronics and domestic as well as international automotive brands. This will be achieved through continuous technological accumulation and iteration, spanning from acoustic innovation and architectural improvements to algorithm advancements, audio debugging, and acoustics objective evaluation. Audfly aims to establish full-link linkage, leading the sustainable development of the industry.

Leverage and experience private audio like never before with Audfly!
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