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Audfly was invited to participate in the Samsung Electronics Global Innovation Technology Exhibition
Jun. 14, 2024

On May 30, Samsung Electronics held the "2024 Global Innovation Technology Exhibition" at its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea. A total of 37 innovative companies from China, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, and the United States participated in the exhibition, of which 7 companies from China were selected by the "Samsung Electronics" Shanghai International Procurement Center (IPC) in the domestic audition. As one of the 7 invited Chinese companies, Audfly brought the world's exclusive patented technology -Focusoundscreen directional sound technology and a series of achievements to present an innovative feast of audio and display technology integration to the guests and industry partners.

Audfly was invited to participate in the Samsung Electronics Global Innovation Technology Exhibition

The 2024 Global Innovation Technology Exhibition primarily showcases the innovative technologies of over 30 exhibitors from around the world to the general managers, VPs, R&D teams, and purchasing personnel of various business units within Samsung Electronics, aiming to enhance Samsung's product innovation capabilities.At the exhibition, Audfly focused on displaying the company's many innovative achievements in the fields of acoustics and display, including fully transparent directional sound modules, screen directional sound laptops, and various directional sound independent peripherals. Through physical display and immersive functional experience, it fully presented the innovative advantages of screen directional sound technology and its diverse application scenarios in business office, home entertainment, gaming, smart car and other fields, attracting the attention and recognition of many guests and industry partners. Many guests came to the booth to experience the directional audio effect in person, conduct technical exchanges, consultations and product application negotiations, and expressed admiration for the innovation of screen directional sound technology in the audio-visual experience and voice interaction experience of display terminal products.

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