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Audfly‘s glass directional speaker Kickstarter campaign is kicking off at 23 March 22, 2023
Mar. 21, 2023

  After a few months preparation, the glass directional speaker Kickstarter campaign is finally ready to click the start button, we are very glad to announce that the Kickstarter campaign is going to lunch officially at 23 March 22, 2023.

  What is glass directional speaker? How would it benefit to our daily lifes? Let’s hear what the found said. “Most people in today’s digital world spend a great deal of time working and enjoying entertainment in office environments and shared spaces. Enjoying music or taking private calls is difficult under these circumstances. Headphones can help but are uncomfortable for long listening sessions. As a global leader in audio solutions and one of the foremost experts in directed audio technology, we decided to improve the listening experience for everyone by creating a private sound field that allows users to enjoy immersive audio without disturbing others around them. “

  To do so, we applied the latest directional sound technology to precisely transmit audio for the listener’s ears only, bathing them in lush stereo sound with enhanced clarity that not disturb others.

  Follow us at Kickstarter to experience private audio like never before:

Leverage and experience private audio like never before with Audfly!
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