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Focusound: The see-thru glass directional speaker is launching on Kickstarter,countdown begins!
Mar. 23, 2023

Focusound Screen®, a fully transparent screen directional sound speaker, is about to launch its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in the United States, and the countdown has officially begun!

Focusound is the first-of-its kind glass directional speaker that projects directional stereo sound to target area ONLY without disturbing others. It provides users with isolated and private sound experience. It will free you from headphones while still enjoy incredible spatial sound. Whether relaxing at home, playing games, having a video conference in busy office, or watching football game at night, no need to worry about being too loud and disturbing others, even in the same room. 

As a global innovative black technology product, it is crafted with ingenuity and different from others. The device features a customized fully transparent composite material with a thickness of only about 0.1mm. Its ultra-thin and holeless design empowers technology to stimulate more imagination, making it a work of art that combines technology and aesthetics of life.

The device is equipped with a 90-degree flexible adjustment feature that refreshes the audio-visual experience. With its 90-degree flexible knob and 180-degree free rotation, it creates a beyond-screen surround sound effect and provides a three-dimensional immersive listening experience.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates about the Focusound Screen® F1 on Kickstarter at the end of March. It promises to provide an intelligent audio-visual experience with its disruptive acoustic technology.

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