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Audfly's screen directional sound technology appears at SID2024
May. 16, 2024

The 2024 SID International Display Week (SID DW 2024) exhibition in San Jose, California, USA, was held as scheduled on May 14, local time. The exhibition once again witnessed a series of major breakthroughs in the field of display technology. Audfly's latest generation of directional sound technology was also present at the Visionox booth at the exhibition - under-screen directional sound technology based on AMOLED. The integration of this innovative technology broadens the scope of screen 'skills' and successfully combines vision and hearing into a fusion.

Audfly's screen directional sound technology appears at SID2024

As the inventor and global patent owner of Focusound®, Audfly and Visionox work together to promote the audio-visual integration of screen technology. Through the precise directional sound generation built into the screen, sound waves are concentrated in a narrow 15° angle space. It ensures the privacy and directivity of sound and meets the audio privacy needs in specific scenarios, especially in vehicle spaces, business environments and entertainment scenarios, bringing users a more focused and personalized experience, which not only ensures call privacy, but also Effectively reduce noise interference and bring more immersive audio-visual enjoyment.

This cooperation once again proves that Audfly has leading innovation advantages in the field of directional sound technology. It also further verifies the key role of Audfly screen directional sound technology in promoting the intelligent and diversified development of screen technology, empowering display terminal products and New audio-visual and interactive experiences and infinite possibilities in the new display field.

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