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Reviewing Focusound™ Exciting performance on SID 2023!
May. 30, 2023

On May 25th, the three-day International Display Week and SID Annual Meeting for the year 2023 concluded in Los Angeles. The exhibition showcased a wide range of cutting-edge display technologies from around the world. Among them, Audfly made an impressive appearance with its innovative product, Focusound, at Display Week, highlighting the company's professional technical capabilities and international influence.

At the SID exhibition, Audfly set up a directional sound experience zone featuring Focusound, showcasing the immersive audiovisual experience brought by Focusound. With its unique creative design and outstanding interactive experience, Focusoundcaptivated the attention of the attendees, leading to a continuous stream of inquiries about the product on-site.

Prior to this exhibition, Focusound won the 2023 German iF Design Award and the SID I-Zone Innovation Award. In late March of this year, Focusoundlaunched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. As of 10:40 AM Eastern Time on May 7th, Focusoundhas successfully exceeded its crowdfunding goal and garnered attention from numerous tech bloggers. Why has Focusound™ gained attention from everyone? Because, Focusound™ is the first-of-its kind glass directional speaker that projects directional stereo sound to target area ONLY without disturbing others. It provides users with isolated and private sound experience. It will free you from headphones while still enjoy incredible spatial sound. Whether relaxing at home, playing games, having a video conference in busy office, or watching football game at night, no need to worry about being too loud and disturbing others, even in the same room.

Currently, Audfly has collaborated with multiple consumer electronics and automotive brands to develop more application scenarios, enhance brand strength, and lead the innovation and development of the display industry!

Leverage and experience private audio like never before with Audfly!
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